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I can’t watch Phantom of the Opera without remembering the one time in high school when we had a spirit week and our final day was called “Music of the Night” because that was the theme of our homecoming dance. I was literally the only person at school who dressed up as Christine and everyone else was the Phantom. By lunch I had about 20 Phantoms serenading me and chasing me down the hallways.




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Anonymous said: In your esteemed opinion, how many times did Erik go to the florist to buy all those flowers for Christine? Did he go to different florists because he was embarrassed to return the 10th time in one day? Did he lose his false nose trying to smell them? Did he scold the florist for using the wrong ribbons, or did he blabber like an idiot and blush just thinking about the upcoming "rendez-vous"? (Leroux should have written a chapter about Erik's shopping adventures.)


Haha! I would LOVE to have and entire chapter devoted to Erik’s (mis)adventures in shopping along the boulevards of Paris. :D What I wouldn’t give to read Leroux’s description of the shop owners’ faces when Erik came in and bought all those flowers and dresses for Christine!

It is possible that Erik simply ordered all of the flowers from his favorite florist, and then went in to pick them up. Unlike Kay!Erik, Leroux!Erik goes out and about and conducts his business relatively normally (at least, for someone who lives in the basement of an opera house).

Though it is very amusing to think of Erik going from florist to florist, purchasing several bouquets from each shop to avoid looking (more) suspicious.

That always makes me think of an amusing experience I had when I lived in Florence, Italy for a year. At the time, my feet would get very sore from walking all over the city, and I would use magnesium sulfate (Epsom Salts) as a mineral foot soak to relax the muscles. Magnesium sulfate is of course available at any drug store in the US, and can be bought in large cartons. In Italy, however, magnesium sulfate is only used as a laxative, and is sold in small, pre-measured packets. You are supposed to mix one packet with water and drink it for the desired effect. When I learned about this, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to buy my big carton of Epsom Salts as per usual, and that I would have to buy lots of packets of the stuff. I guess that the Italians don’t trust the general public with magnesium sulfate consumption, because you can’t just buy the stuff off the shelf — you have to go up to the counter and ask the pharmacist for a specified number of packets. To avoid too much embarrassment, I would go from pharmacy to pharmacy and buy several packets from each place. I would also explain that in the US, we used it as a “pediluvio” (foot-bath), but this didn’t seem to allay the concern of the pharmacists, who must have thought that I was hella constipated. :D I remember one time, I asked the pharmacist for five packets of magnesium sulfate, and she said, “Mama mia! Forse per un cavallo!” (“Good heavens! Maybe for a horse!”)

So I always think of this when I imagine Erik doing his shopping. I picture the florist doing a double take and asking Erik *how* many bouquets he wants again, and then deciding from the look that Erik gives him that questioning this rather funereal figure might be hazardous to his health. I also picture Erik taking multiple trips from the florist’s shop to carry all those flowers back to his house, since obviously home delivery is out of the question. And I can imagine him being super picky, and telling the florist off for getting the most minute details wrong. And all of this makes me chuckle sadly, since poor, socially inept Erik actually thought that filling his living room with an insane number of floral arrangements was going to be an effective method for wooing Christine. “I know I lied to you for three months, and kidnapped you, but here are lots of flowers, will you love me?” Oh Erik…


A handy assessment meter for the saturation level of Star Princess dresses.

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A Halloween special. Not much more to say about this one except the new “Why so Silent” lyrics are under the cut (including a special nod to an infamous Phantom outtake). Enjoy.

See more of my art here.

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This is the best. <3 

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More Phantom Art!

Some more concept art for my adaptation of “The Phantom of the Opera”

And you can see my process and more work by me here:

Enjoy and re-blog if you want!

Love, Beckarooo!


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From the deepest desires
often come the deadliest hate.

Socrates (via ablackwing)

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Juicy PONR action for Inktober.


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Welcome to the 11th installment of 15 Weeks of Phantom, where I post all 68 installments of Le Fantôme de l’Opéra, as they were first printed in Le Gaulois newspaper 105 yeas ago.

In today’s installment, we have Part II of Chapter 5: “Suite de « La Loge N° 5 »” (“Box 5 Continued”).

This section was first printed on Thursday, 7 October, 1909.

For anyone following along in David Coward’s translation, the text starts in Chapter 5 at, “At this, seeing that Richard was about to lose his temper, Moncharmin intervened and took over questioning Mme Giry” and goes to Mme Giry’s line, “But since people have started bothering him again, he hasn’t been giving me anything.”

Leroux must have been satisfied with how he wrote this section, with a tour de force performance by Mme Giry and her soot colored hat, because other than minor differences in punctuation, there are no changes between the Gaulois and the 1st Edition.

Click here to see the entire edition of Le Gaulois from 7 October, 1909. This link brings you to page 3 of the newspaper — Le Fantôme is at the bottom of the page. Click on the big green arrow buttons toward the top of the webpage to turn the pages of the newspaper, and click on the magnifying glass icon at the top left to zoom.

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Little Lottie thought of Everything and Nothing…

My scanner killed this! *cries* Ugh. This is one of those cases where it actually does look better in real life.. Some of you may remember the strange affair of the Phanom of the Opera no wait that I posted a WIP of this a loong time ago. Before quite literally forgetting about it, and finding it again by chance the other day. Cropped a bit because the bottom part of the picture was ruined by yours truly.

Watercolors, acrylics and ink.

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After much deliberation, and kicking myself, finally I can show you the finished product of my ‘Phantom in Persia’ costume design.

I read Susan Kay’s Phantom a couple month’s ago and have been fussing over a design for a magician costume for Erik for far too long, now.

A great deal of inspiration taken from Erte and Bakst. If you dig costume design you have to check them out.

I’m thinking I want to do Nadir next, and then maybe the Khanum.

AWESOME!! I’ve always been so interested in this particular phase of his life—what did he wear? What exactly were these tortures? Well done :) 

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Everyone’s posting about Royal Albert Hall today and I just have to say I can’t listen to Sierra sing “Have you gorged yourself at last in your lust for blood? Am I now to be prey to your lust for flesh?”

Because all I can hear is “Am I now to be prey to your lust for FISHHHHH?”

Well, I mean…

Erik x Fish. Headcanon accepted. 

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This makes me laugh so hard. 

"So done with your bullshit" 

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bah dum chh

You win everything. 

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I relaunched my website with this parody of Norman Rockwell’s “Triple Self-Portrait,” which incorporated both my fan art styles.
See more of my art here



I relaunched my website with this parody of Norman Rockwell’s “Triple Self-Portrait,” which incorporated both my fan art styles.

See more of my art here

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